The Neurophotonics laboratory (UMR8250) existed from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2018 at the Paris Descartes University, Biomedical and Fundamental Science Faculty.

It was composed of 4 teams:

From January 1, 2019, Dr. Emiliani and Dr. Tessier formed the Photonics department at the IDV (Institut De la Vision, UMR  7210, Paris)

Dr. Gasnier formed the Membrane dynamics team at the SPPIN (Institute for the Neurosciences, Paris Descartes University - UMR 8003)

Dr. Darchen returned to clinical activity (Centre Hospitalier de Gonesse and C.A.M.S.P. DU CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE GONESSE). His team partners joined the Membrane Dynamics team.