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Advanced optical methods for neuroscience

Course title: Advanced optical methods for neuroscience

Type Discipline Semester Number of hours Mode of delivery Language Place Person in charge
Optional Physics,Biology 1 or 3 24 Lecture English UPAD Valentina Emiliani

Prerequisites: Physics, basic of optics or biology.

Objectives: The main objective of the course is from one side to give the basic principle of optical microscopy and on the other side to present state of the art optical methods for applications in biology and more specifically in neuroscience. Ultimately the course aims at orienting students who wish to carry out their research carrier at the interface between optics and biology toward the right choice among the different existing possibilities.

Related courses: Nanophotonics, Fluorescence in Biology

Contents: In neuroscience, the combination of optical methods with genetically encoded photosensitive tools (optogenetics) and caged biochemical compounds has offered the opportunity to quickly probe and monitor arbitrarily large numbers of events at user defined regions of interest. This ongoing revolution has motivated the development of new optical methods for imaging and light stimulation: two-photon microscopy, super resolution microscopy, in vivo imaging, micro-endoscopy and holographic photoactivation.
The course will be given by physicists who have completed pioneering works on the use of these techniques. Lectures on advanced optical methods will be preceded by specific introductory lectures. The course will also include some contributions from outstanding neuroscientists who have used these techniques to solve key neurobiological questions.

BASIC: 12h
Advanced 12h

November 14th 9-13h; room: Lavoisier C, third floor

November 21th 9-13h; room: Grignard E, fourth floor

November 28th 9-13h; room: Grignard E, fourth floor

December 5th 9-13h; room : Vieussens B, seventh floor

December 12th 9-13h; room: Grignard E, fourth floor

December 19th 9-13h; room: Grignard C, fourth floor