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Wavefront-engineering microscopy (Emiliani)


European Neuroscience Institute network (ENI-net) of Young Investigators (http://www.eni-net.org). Paris School of Neuroscience ENP (thematic research network for advanced studies RTRA) (...)

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ESF and CNRS, through the EURYI (European Young Investigator) Award 2005 (http://www.esf.org).
European Commission FP6 Specific Targeted Project "PHOTOLYSIS" LSHM-CT-2007-037765.
FRM (...)

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The investigation of signal transmission in brain requires to reproduce/observe physiological events that occur on a wide range of spatiotemporal scales, from e.g. the localized brief (μs) (...)

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Jennifer Curtis (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta).
Jack Feldman (Department of Neurobiology, UC Los Angeles).
Gilles Fortin (Institut de Neurobiologie Alfred Fessard, Gif sur Yvette, (...)

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