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Custom-made software to draw illumination patterns for photo-excitation. The software integrates the tool-box of a classical graphic editor to draw desired illumination patterns. Target intensity (...)

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Microendoscopy for awake animal imaging and for deep imaging

In vivo micro-endoscopy is a rapidly growing field, and many efforts are developed in particular towards the objective of imaging awake and freely moving animals. To reach this goal, two (...)

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Super resolution microscopy (STED) and scanning less microscopy

In recent years, light microscopy has largely contributed to the understanding of many biological processes. Moreover, light microscopy is advantageous compared with some higher resolving (...)

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Spatiotemporal control of neuronal activity with patterned light

This activity is divided into two parts:
One-photon (1P) scan-less holographic photoactivation
Patterned two-photon (2P) illuminationfor optogenetic applications
1- One-photon (1P) scan-less (...)

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